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Freshly Baked All Day and Every day

At the heart of Toronto, lies our little warm corner, with their ovens on full blast, baking goodness. Our mission and commitment is to serve you everyday, safely and conveniently.

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Baked Goods

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Gluten Free

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Cakes & Petit Fours

Start your mornings off right

Our baked treats come individually wrapped

Want to enjoy our goods from the comfort of your home? Our ‘no fee’ delivery service has got you covered. We’re here to answer your queries, fulfill your cravings, and to be your neighbourhood friend. Call or email us anytime!

Visit our store for a delectable bakery shopping experience and don’t forget to check out our signature items!

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Fresh Ingredients

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Expert Bakers

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30+ Years Experience

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Delicious Food

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For Everlasting Moments and Taste

At Richmond Kosher Bakery, our day begins well before dawn. Our dedicated bakers put in the early hours to ensure you get the freshest possible bakery items. Often, the sweet, lush aroma of baking wafts onto the street even before we’ve switched on the ‘Open’ sign. We’re passionate about kickstarting your day with warm muffins, bagels, and a fresh cup of hot coffee!

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How We Work

Making Sweet Things Happen

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Fresh Ingredients

A woman in an apron is getting a dessert ready at a Kosher Bakery. Richmond Kosher Bakery

Old Recipes

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Quality Check

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Sweet Result

Our Kitchen

Best Bakery at This Location

We’re here to help, and we’re just a call or an email away!

Reach out to us for anything – whether you have a question, request or just want to share your feedback, we’re eager to hear from you.

Richmond Kosher Bakery

4119 Bathurst St., Toronto, Ontario M3H, Canada

Gluten-Free Items

We understand that for some, gluten-free eating is all about embracing a healthier lifestyle, while for others, it’s a medical necessity. Regardless of your reasons, we offer a complete line of gluten-free offerings formulated to be just as delectable as our gluten-rich counterparts. Taste and wellbeing converge at our bakery!

Cakes and Petit Fours

Be it an intimate birthday party or a grand corporate event, our talented pastry team crafts the perfect dessert solutions for your celebrations. Our selection ranges from custom elegant cakes to delicate, delicious petit fours. Let us add that sweet touch to your memorable events.

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